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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Uncertainty Amidst Trials and Joy

We continue to receive donations and gifts and manual labor offers while we have only just now found out about the condition of our church members and neighbors. Assessing the immediate needs is not as easy as it seems. Many folks are two, three, and five hours away from their homes and would have to spend $60 to $100 in gasoline expense just to make one trip to their neighborhoods. For those who have flooded there isn't anything to go back to even if they do get power and water back. And keep in mind that this does not address the infrastructure challenges that exist. What stores are open? If they are open, will they have enough supplies? Determining how the city is going to function and when it will function and how you and your family will function within that unknown is not easily ascertained.

My heart both sings with joy at the graciousness of His people and yet it weeps at the same time. To witness both the joy of the Lord and the wrath of destruction simultaneously within one concentrated region is simply amazing.

What will be extremely important during this time is what people will do a month, two months, and six months down the road. Don't forget long term support.


  • We are thinking & praying for you daily! A care package from our family will be going out this week and our plan is to continue giving money each month to the relief fund you have set up as we know this isn't go to be a quick fix process.

    I noted today that Alpha & Omega Ministries has the address in Natchez where donations can be made directly to the church relief fund. I am including incase others are interested in this information.

    Sovereign Grace Fellowship Relief Fund
    AmSouth Bank
    Natchez Main Branch
    320 Franklin Street
    Natchez, MS 39120
    Phone: 601-445-2601


    By Blogger Ryan Erlandsen, at 10:43 PM  

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