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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sovereign Grace Homeland Missions

First and foremost we want to give full honor and praise and glory to our Father in heaven from whom all blessings flow. The incredible outpouring of charity to our home of faith at Sovereign Grace Fellowship has been overwhelming. Thank you to all of you who have given us your prayers, resources, labors, and financial support.

Many of you have expressed an interest in sending work crews to come down here to the greater New Orleans area and help families recover. Here is our game plan.

There are many churches that have set up ‘tent cities’ where you can find clothes, food, and other aid. The problem is that some of these areas are in shambles because the items have been left out in the open for weeks now and some have been rained on and the clothes items are strewn over many boxes and the ground.

We have received a semi-trailer full of supplies (clothes, food, toiletries, etc.) and are going to be taking a different approach. After touring some of the areas it has come to our attention that many of those in need will never come to us. They are living in their driveways working on their homes, visiting their residence when they can to see what they can do and are not necessarily going to find us. As a result, we are going to go to them.

We are implementing several levels of service and ministry:

Notifying the Community – Biblical Counseling

We will be handing out information flyers to the area letting our community know what it is that we have to offer as well as seeking to establish a biblical counseling hotline. As the weeks progress and displaced residents face more challenges depression and despair will increase.

Deliveries and Appointment Aid

We will assess clothing and aid needs and make deliveries to the residents or set up appointments for them to visit the church to find what they need. Assistants will be needed for those tasks.

Mobile Evangelism

We will be taking bibles, booklets, tracts, and other resources to the neighborhoods and shelter areas in the community. Meeting the people as they are living in the subdivisions to pray with them, weep with them, rejoice with them, and to proclaim the gospel to them is a priority.

Physical Laboring – Flood Homes

There are many flooded homes that need to be gutted ASAP– contents removed, carpets pulled out, sheetrock removed, etc. Afterwards the floors need to be stripped and removed and the framing studs and inside pressure washed.

Tree Work – Wind Damage Recovery

Experienced chain saw workers and tree removal personnel are needed to help with properties filled with twisted and downed trees.

Heavy Equipment – Machinery and Operators

If anyone has access to heave equipment used to remove debris and trees such as backhoes, mini-dozers, and commercial grinders please contact us.

We have room for up to 20 workers at a time between three homes and our church building. Email us at elders@sgfellowship.org for details on bedding, tools, and times.

We will accept all help offered and coordinate your efforts to match the need.

This is a very unique opportunity for all of us to work together under the banner of Christ ministering to the entire person in a needy region. Some send, some go. We hope to see you soon.


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