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Monday, December 12, 2005

West Liberty, Ohio Extends a Warm Invitation

Last week I was in Ohio ministering to Grace Chapel in West Liberty. The saints there under the leadership of Justin Erickson and his elders have become dear to our hearts at Sovereign Grace Fellowship. It was Grace Chapel that showed up not too long ago with a tractor trailer full of supplies - clothes, food, tools, etc. Along with many others who have come to our aid during this unique time, their love and support and prayers have been a sweet balm to our weary souls.

I preached both Sunday services and gave a Katrina releif work update in the evening. Meeting several of the work crew members again who came down to help us in the trenches was a joy. It is so amazing to see how our Lord weaves friendships and orchestrates His foundations of mutual edification, encouragement, and love.

Being with Justin and his wife Janna as they hosted me in their home during my stay in the beginning of winter (we don't get much snow in Louisiana) reminded me of traveling ministers from many decades ago. Providing a home away from home is no easy task and their thoughtfullness and adorable children made the distance of my own home that much shorter.


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